Green Pass Scrapped? Not So Sure…

Israel has supposedly scrapped the Green Pass lately, with all its restrictions. Is this something to rejoice over? Probably not, since it’s probably not really scrapped in the first place.

Back when Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu was Prime Minister, the Green Pass was cancelled and everyone was saying “we’ve defeated Covid.” However, the government had other things in store for us. The temporary scrapping of the Green Pass in Netanyahu’s day was intended to give the feeling that the vaccines were working. In effect, they didn’t. So why did the number of “cases” drop? Well, because there were specific instructions in place to reduce the amount of PCR tests. PCR tests are the engine of this so called pandemic. No PCRs, no pandemic. So when the volume of PCR tests is reduced, less cases are found, and “things are getting better” (when in essence they’re just the same). However, in a matter of a few weeks, the Green Pass was reinstated, this time for the Indian variant (uh, sorry. Meant to say “Delta variant”). I have every reason to believe that this time too, scrapping the Green Pass is only a temporary measure.

Whenever the media here and around the globe starts to “expose” some of the truth (the truth that we’ve been shouting right from the beginning), it’s only because more people are discovering the truth anyway. So if the media was to continue to deny all the facts when the facts are becoming apparent to everyone, it would all become too obvious. So they show some of the truth to give the normal person in the street the feeling that they’re doing their job and “exposing the true facts.” But this is all a tactic. The media lies through their teeth the whole time. Without them, no one would have guessed there’s “a pandemic” and there wouldn’t have been any of the panic and lockdowns.

The same goes for this “cancelling” of the Green Pass. First of all, they haven’t completely cancelled it. It’s almost like our basic privileges are controlled by a volume control knob and, right now, they’ve only decided to “lower the volume” of restrictions and limit the extent of the Green Pass to “certain venues”. It’s not cancelled. Not at all.

What the media is not telling us is that, in fact, just before they decided to temporarily give us a little bit more breathing space, they passed a law giving a limited group of people (like a cabinet) supreme authorities – more than the special authorities Netanyahu took for the supposed “Emergency State” back in early 2020. I’m sorry to say this, but this “Special Authorities Law” Israel just passed behaves the same way Hitler’s enabling act worked. It’s not the Green Pass that was scrapped. It’s Democracy that was scrapped. Passing laws through a parliament of elected people, was scrapped. The basic rights of a whole nation can now be decided by a very small number of people and their paid “expert committees.” Only this time the crisis to excuse it is not the burning of the Reichstag but the possible appearance of a new variant. The new law was worded in such a way that if only they “feared” there was possible danger from a new variant, they could bring back all the restrictions, big time and beyond. This includes all Green Pass measures and the right to require a particular person to do a PCR test, or be charged with a criminal offense for refusing it.

This new “empowering act”, or “enabling law”, was passed by a vote of (listen to this…) 9 to 3, out of a Knesset (parliament) of 120 members! Again, only 12 people showed up to vote for such a law!! It’s a joke. The government is not functioning. It’s effectively a Pfizer government. And the media, which is supposed to inform the people of important things going on, hardly mentioned a word about it, if at all, resulting in people in Israel not even knowing about this law. If you ask people on the street what they think about the new “Special Authorities Law”, they mostly would not have a clue what you’re talking about. Only the objectors know, like us.

So with such an enabling act passed, temporarily “cancelling” the Green Pass is really a very small thing. They can reinstate it instantly, at a moment’s notice, for whatever reason they find fit, without need to prove any real danger. It’s true that our state is not currently as bad as Germany’s or Austria’s with their restrictions and the threats they make on their citizens. Neither are we like Canada and Australia. However, slowly, we’re all going to a bad place. A very bad place. Any ease in restrictions is just throwing us peanuts before the next planned stage.

That’s why, even though the ease in restrictions is a temporary relief for us, and although we trust in God, I don’t believe this is the answer to our prayers.

What we do know is that it’s not outside of God’s sovereign plan, and that no evil shall befall us unless it’s God’s specific will, which we will accept. We know that “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints” (Psalm 116:15) and that “all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28). On this we rest.


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