Should Christians Oppose Government Tyranny?

Originally written on 20 September 2021
Edited by Annie Nissim

Israel’s Two Class Society

Israel is now effectively divided into two classes of citizen: the good and the bad. The privileged who have more rights, and the unprivileged who have less rights. I belong to the second class citizen group. The trouble-making, disease-spreading class, that is talked about on the radio and is considered to be Israel’s main problem right now. We’ve been called murderers and parasites, compared to terrorists by the Prime Minister himself, compared to paedophiles that society needs to protect itself from; suggestions have been raised to close us off from the rest of society, including publicizing our details and digitally marking our businesses so that people know where not to buy. It was suggested that we should not use public transport. Human rights do not apply in our case, it was said several times in the Israeli papers. We should stand to trial for being unvaccinated in the same way that someone who runs a red light must stand to trial, it was said. And yesterday I saw it was suggested that we should not be permitted to have driving lessons or a driving test, and that we should pay higher insurance rates. All of these things are not fringe ideas – I have proof and quotes for all of this from Main Stream Media – major newspapers, politicians etc. I don’t remember when a group has been singled out in this way in Israel. It reminds too much of pre-holocaust incitement and legislation made against the Jews.

This is how the holocaust started. It started by marking the enemy and vilifying them every day in the papers, limiting their movements and rights, getting them fired and sidelining them from society. The holocaust didn’t happen in one day when, suddenly, out of the blue, people were thrown into death camps. First, those people had to be regarded ‘untermensch’. Well, in today’s society, I’m regarded as an untermensch.

On the other side there are the vaccinated people. The vaccinated people are obedient first class citizens of a medical fascist system. It’s not them who, each time they open the radio, hear what a problem and what a danger they are to society, and what should be done to persuade them to get vaccinated, and what punishments and limitations should be administered to them should they fail to do so. But meanwhile, after having served in a combat unit in the army and risking my life as a soldier in the long, rainy nights in Lebanon, I am not good enough to be allowed to sit in a cafe’, even outside, while those who were vaccinated, can. I can’t go to the library, but those were vaccinated, can. I’m not good enough to go to a museum. But those who are vaccinated, can. My kids and I are not allowed to see my thrice vaccinated mother unless we all shove some stick up our noses “to prove we’re not sick.”

By now, everyone’s been accustomed to think this is reasonable, in light of the “great pandemic” we’re experiencing. And this is exactly what the State of Israel, and all the other Western governments of the world, have been working hard to achieve, so that they can work out their plans.

How was the holocaust enabled?

One should ask the question: how was the holocaust enabled? How did such a situation occur, where an intelligent and cultured people, like the Germans, would annihilate one third of the Jewish nation, treating them like animals, or worse? Well, the holocaust was enabled by obedient people who believed the propaganda. Here’s something unpleasant to consider: it’s not the average person who CAUSED the holocaust. But it is the average person, with the average compliant attitude we know today, who ENABLED the holocaust to happen. It was enabled by people who believed the propaganda, trusted the authorities, complied, obeyed, complied and complied some more, until it was too late to do anything when they finally understood what was going on. And this is true of most people today. Bear this in mind: Nazi officials met with Jewish representatives to assure them that their segregation was “for their own good.” Many Jews stepped onto trains thinking they were actually going to get work. And before being gassed to death, they honestly thought until the last minute that they were just going to get a shower. That’s how people are – they believe and comply until it’s too late.


Rumors of a holocaust

It’s also important to note the following: Stories of Jews being systematically killed were considered rumors. I repeat, for a certain amount of time after the holocaust began, the systematic killing of the Jews was considered to be a rumor! Reports were considered fantastic horror stories that were too horrific to be true, to the extent that Jewish newspaper owners in the States were reluctant to publish those “rumors”, so that they wouldn’t embarrass themselves and so that they wouldn’t be seen as trying to drag America into a war for the sake of their Jewish brethren. How would the normal, vaccinated person of today have regarded these “rumors” of the holocaust? I get the feeling the normal person would have dismissed these “rumors” too, as “Fake News,” and as the product of hype and paranoia.

If people choose to believe the Main Stream Media – that’s their choice. I think that if we were in Communist Russia, these same people would have told me that I should stop listening to evil reports about Stalin and disappearing dissidents and that I should regard the “Pravda” newspaper as the only reliable source of information.

Rumors of children being kidnapped

Here’s another example. During the 50s and 60s, thousands of babies disappeared in Israel, mainly from the Yemenite Jewish community. Thousands of Yemenite Jews were told by nurses, “Oh, your baby died last night” and were referred to a grave where their child had supposedly been buried. There was the government’s version and the people’s version. Thousands of doctors, nurses and politicians were involved in the scandal and covered it up. This was a horrible conspiracy. The establishment was cruel! They made medical experiments on many of these babies while others were given to Ashkenazi Jews in Kibbutzim who didn’t have children, since the Yemenites had so many kids anyway… A government investigation was made which covered up the findings and proceedings by sealing them until (are you ready?) 2071. In other words, until all the criminals are long gone. There is much talk about opening the protocols but they’re all lip service. One Rabbi who was active in exposing this was targeted by the Israeli Government and was put into a Psychiatric ward where he eventually died. So, are there no conspiracies?? Israel will pay for this, and should pay for this. Mothers everywhere were in mourning! Many are still alive, and are still mourning today. Today this is known by all to be true, even though the Government is still trying to cover it up. But perhaps the normal person should ignore “silly YouTube stories” and trust the Government coverups instead?

Well, here’s a striking similarity: it just so happens that Israeli Government Corona files are also sealed for 30 years.

Rumors of vaccination injuries

Regarding the vaccinations, many parents disbelieved “rumors”. They believed the ‘science’ and went ahead to vaccinate their children. But many of those parents, after witnessing their children suffer from the vaccine, have now changed camps. Thousands of stories of suffering and death have been removed from social media and have never been covered on the main stream media. Why! In America, a group of people sharing vaccine injuries and death, consisting of 100-150K members, was removed by Facebook. It evaporated into thin air in one second. In Israel, a similar group of over 10K was also removed by Facebook. People feel they have nowhere to go, because their doctors say “there’s no connection between what you’re going though and the vaccine you took”. They want to talk about their hurt, so they tell their friends on Facebook, only to find that those communications then get deleted or hidden, or their interactions are limited by Facebook in other ways, because what they’re saying “violates community guidelines.” There are many, many more cases of damage and death than those presented by main stream media. Yet people still insist we trust the media.

The Bible on following the mainstream

Does the Bible have anything to say about following a mainstream narrative? Well, a relevant verse for this is:

“You shall not circulate a false report. Do not put your hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness. You shall not follow a crowd to do evil; nor shall you testify in a dispute so as to turn aside after many to pervert justice.” (Exodus 23:1-2)

Right now, the “many”, the “strong”, hold the official narrative. And the people are following the narrative of the many to pervert justice against the few, refusing to properly hear the narrative of the few. People prefer to hear the false report of the main stream media. People say “don’t listen to YouTube videos and Facebook posts”.

Well, how about not listening to main stream media instead? It all boils down to: can an individual give a more honest report than the news? Can an uneducated person give a more honest report than an educated doctor? Can a poor man’s version be believed more than that of a rich man? People who say you can’t trust “unauthorized sources” are basically saying all information must pass through the government’s filter. They are the dictator’s dream citizen.

The reason people believe there’s a dangerous pandemic is because the media has told them so. People would not have guessed that there is a pandemic had it not been for the main stream media promoting it day and night.

Opposing Government Tyranny

Christian dissent

Should Christians actively object to government tyranny? Here are some examples:

John Bunyan defied state authority when England decided that only authorized preachers from the Church of England were entitled to preach. He belonged to the nonconformist group of Christians. He led a congregation and preached. Even when they said “they’ll be waiting for you to arrest you in the meeting”, he continued walking straight on, started the sermon and got arrested for 12 years. The moment he was freed, he preached again. In prison he wrote the famous book Pilgrim’s Progress. Perhaps many people would have told him that the State requirements are reasonable and that they’re just intended to maintain order? Should he have obeyed the authorities or his conscience? Could he not continue practicing his faith without breaking the law?

William Tyndale defied church authority, translated the Bible into English and paid for this with his life. So did anyone who followed in his steps. Would we have told them that learning Latin in order to read the Bible is perfectly reasonable?

Dietrich Bonhoefer said that to save others, you don’t only snatch them from under the wheel, you may have to put a spanner in the wheel to stop it turning in the first place. In other words: you have to act against tyranny.

Today, all of these people are considered heroes, but they received a lot of flack from friends in their own time.

The point is this: historically, good men of God actively opposed tyranny. And remember, tyranny is always cloaked with good intentions. Other good men stood aside and said and did nothing against it and thus enabled it to continue! The men who stood up against tyranny will be remembered, the others – forgotten or disgraced.

And so it is in our day. If vaccinated people go around telling off the unvaccinated for speaking against government lies and crimes, then they would have disapproved of Tyndale and Bunyan and yes – even of Bonhoefer. They would have given Bonhoefer a hard time and told him he is going too far. And so, those who criticize the opponents of tyranny will find themselves on the wrong side of history.

Unvaccinated people are not a bunch of rebels. They generally obey the law and pay their taxes just as any other good citizen does. They throw their trash in the rubbish bin and help you fix a punctured tire. But they resist oppression in the form of “medical emergency”. They understand that all recent totalitarian regimes started by declaring a “state of emergency,” including Hitler.

To summarize, Christian opposition to tyranny is good and should not be reproved.

Other thoughts

On the police’s “only doing their job”

“Don’t be angry at the police – they’re only doing their job,” it is often said. Well, I’ve got a lot to say about the police “just doing their jobs.”

Everyone should ask themselves this question: would they as policemen go around closing businesses, giving huge fines to businesses, prevent people from leaving the city unless they have “a justified reason”? Would they show up in a wedding and break it up for not following regulations, as it was done in Israel? Or would they say, “My conscience doesn’t permit me to do so, even if the law and my job requires me to.” If the latter is true, then they act in good conscience. If the former is true, then in what way does their behavior differ from that of the Nazis? All the Nazis said they were “following orders.”

So, no: compassion, morals, human dignity and basic human liberties take precedence over the law. When the law is not moral or when it is oppressive, no one has any business telling people who disobey those laws that they are wrong! No one has the excuse of following orders when the orders are despotic. The holocaust was enabled PRECISELY because everyone was “following orders” and “doing their job”, from the officials who stamped papers, to doctors, to soldiers, to policemen, to neighbours telling on their neighbours for hiding Jews, to people not buying in Jewish stores, etc. Defiance would have saved the day. Had you been a Jew in those times, you would have looked everywhere for anyone who is NOT following orders. You would have searched for someone who is defiant.

Partisans and Black Markets

Here’s another example of behaviour under oppressive regimes: black markets. Black markets are illegal. But they are the product of oppressive regimes. If a believer is sick of the disgusting coffee his communist country is making, and manages to get his hands on excellent coffee from another country on the black market – should people tell him he has done wrong by buying on the black market? It is against the law and, after all, he could live without it. Well, no. When laws are oppressive, it’s no-one’s business to tell others that they are wrong for breaking them, or for speaking out against them.

Lastly, should Christians be involved with unbelievers who object to tyranny? Yes. In fact, I am. And so were Christians who saved Jews by being part of partisan groups. And partisans, as we know, were no saints. Christians who allied with partisans lied, forged papers, hid agents, hid Jews, and broke all the rules; and they will receive a reward in heaven for doing so!


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      1. Hi Michael,
        Acceptance is not your responsibility. Sad to say, this is a hard message for many to receive today. That’s all the more reason why it needs to be spoken. Several (like Ron Cantor) have already posted articles where they attempt to teach that Romans 13 instructs us to submit to this kind of tyranny. They seem to forget who is writing Romans, to whom he is writing and when this was written. If Shaul was instructing disciples to honor Caeser as Lord, which is what the ruling Roman authorities demanded, none of us should listen to anything Shaul taught.
        I would encourage you to post it nonetheless.

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