Reasonings of an Anti-Vaxxer

If you’ve ever wondered what makes a person resist vaccines, especially the Covid-19 vaccine, this article might help you understand some of the reasoning behind it.

The Hard and Natural Way

Since I was young, there were some impressions that were ingrained in my mind and set me on course to resisting vaccines.

The first was a report I saw on TV about how, during the 1st Lebanon war, and Israel’s occupation of southern Lebanon (where I later served as a soldier in a combat unit), Israeli hospitals noticed how Lebanese soldiers were recovering much faster and responding much better to Israeli treatments and medicines. The reason was that Israeli soldiers grew up in a modern Western country with an excellent health-care system. Their bodies were already used to medicines and antibiotics. However, the Lebanese soldiers didn’t grow up with the same conditions. Their bodies weren’t used to medicines and antibiotics as much as those of their Israeli counterparts, so they responded faster and better to treatments.

From this I learned that being regularly exposed to treatments and medicines might not always be a good idea. It would be better to save the use of medicines and treatments for when it’s really needed.

Learning about how many Americans are accustomed to taking daily medications – sometimes tens of pills every day, to treat different conditions, only strengthened this impression. It looked to me like they were slaves and addicts of the medicine companies and that this couldn’t possibly be any good for them. I simply couldn’t see how there could ever be a situation where you would have to take so many pills on a daily basis and this would serve for your long term benefit.

In addition to this, hearing of how non-sterile environments strengthen a child’s immune system affected my thinking on the subject of health, hygiene and medicines. Children who grew up with pets, or on farms, had strong immune systems. Their bodies got used to dirt, bacteria and germs of different kinds and learned how to handle them. And vice versa: babies growing in ultra clean environments had nothing to stimulate their immune system and were more prone to sickness. The conclusion is obvious: avoiding any risk of infection doesn’t help to build a good immune system.

For these reasons, whenever I would get sick with fever, I considered that the best way to get over it was to lie down and let my innate immune system, the one God created for me, do all of the battling. I didn’t want to take any unnatural treatment that might help me get over it quicker. I preferred the natural way, the “hard and painful” way, if you like, if that was the price for a better and stronger immune system in the long run. I did use natural remedies like lemon tea and honey, etc. And yes, I did make use of symptomatic treatments like pain killers if the sickness was hard, but did my best to keep these to a minimum. As a result of this, years could go by without without my taking any medicine or becoming very ill.

Taking some inspiration from Biblical commandments to visit the sick, my wife and I hardly ever bothered staying away from sick people. This included hospitals. If our immune systems didn’t yet know how to protect itself from whatever a particular person was infected with, then obviously our immune system had some learning to do. When Jesus said “I was sick, and ye visited me,” did He really mean for each visiting person to get sick every time they visited? Of course not. He knew very well how the immune system works.

This thinking continued throughout my family life until today. Even when sick with high fever (like 40 °C /104 °F and above), it never crossed our minds that we, or even any of our children, should visit the doctor. We simply cannot understand why on earth parents take their kids to see the doctor as soon as they’re showing some signs of illness. Kids have such strong, natural immune systems that they could be very feverish the one day, and jumping ‘round the park the next, without any medicinal intervention. We keep an eye, of course, to see if there are any truly worrying signs, or rush them to the clinic if we think they’ve broken a bone. Otherwise, nada.

Same goes for births. Seeing how the hospitals delivered our first two children, with so much unnecessary intervention, we decided to home birth the remaining three and, by God’s grace, those were our best births.

Becoming Anti-Vaxxers

Way before any Covid was on the horizon, my wife and I started becoming “anti-vaxxers”. It happened after discussions with friends of ours who were going that way. But even prior to that, we noticed our little daughter didn’t respond well to a vaccine she received. We pulled away from the vaccines for a while. We always felt uneasy with the thought that a newborn baby has to be injected so soon after its birth with so many chemicals to protect it from whatever exotic disease might come its way. It just didn’t seem right to us.

My wife started reading testimonies of people whose children suffered from vaccine injuries. People whose children were perfectly well and developing fine, until the day they got a shot and things started to change fast. As we find with the Covid shots today, so it was always: when these parents went to the doctors for answers, the doctors denied any and all connection to the “safe” vaccine they administered to their baby. These reports are simply heart breaking. The parents had to live with a crippled or autistic child after that. Sometimes these children would scream from agony and suffering for weeks after vaccination while the doctors denied any connection. We were so thankful to these parents for putting up their stories for others to beware. You find yourself having to choose between the official medical narrative of “safe vaccines” vs. the testimonies of these heartbroken people. We sided with the people and veered away from vaccines – almost any and all vaccines — for the rest of our lives.

When the nurses found out we’re not going to continue vaccinating our kids, they got one of the top vaccine experts in Israel at the time to call us, Dr. Shmuel Rishpon… (check him up on the internet) His Hebrew was so high, it was as though it was taken out of a grammar book. I let him state his case fully, then I stated mine. He kept on butting in, and I pointed this out to him. He kept repeating things like “but if you want to base yourself on ‘internet’ and ‘friends’…” to make us feel so small and insignificant in the face of great scientists like himself. But I stood my ground that we prefer the risk of not vaccinating rather than the risks posed from vaccinations, however low the risks of these vaccinations is claimed to be. We ended the conversation. The battle was over.

Let me just say this: we never regretted the decision to not vaccinate. We only live to regret the vaccinations we did give.

What About the Covid Vaccine?

When Covid started appearing in the news we immediately suspected something was wrong. Something about the way it was presented in the news and the panic element attached to it. In addition, the fact that it was supposed to have started in China made us suspect immediately that it was a bio-weapon to bring down the West, or cull the older society to save costs, or whatever other purpose they had in mind. In any case, we felt reports from Chinese media cannot be fully trusted.

True, alongside our suspicions we were scared of Covid too. Who wasn’t. I remember holding my breath when passing by people on the street so that I don’t catch their germs. You can imagine the fear I felt when someone sneezed near us on the subway coach without covering his mouth… so yes, we were scared, but we were suspicious at the same time. And despite having fear, we didn’t want to cave in to that fear, because we felt the media was trying to stir up panic and fear to create a desired response and we refused to cooperate with it.

Then we noticed we hardly knew anyone who got Covid; and boy, did we ask. One person told me he asked his entire circle of friends, and they asked their entire circle, and they still knew none. When finally we did start hearing of people who got Covid, we didn’t hear of anyone who died from it. Nothing matched what we heard on the news. If this was indeed the end-of-the-world pandemic, as it was being marketed to us every minute on the news, how come all the people we heard were sick with it seemed to have recovered without medicine, including old people with co-morbidities? How come none of our neighbours, friends, family members, church members, co-workers, etc, were dying of this horrible fatal disease? No less important: why were the police sent to close shops and fine people for walking in the street? Something wasn’t adding up.

Other major things that made us suspect the whole Covid issue were:

a) The one single voice coming from the government and the media here in Israel and worldwide. All the news channels were speaking in complete uniformity; and

b) the fact that very early on they were trumpeting one single solution that would save the world – the great and wonderful VACCINE. Every politician and everything about the news was just looking forward to “the vaccine”; all the news channels were all saying “vaccine” “vaccine” “vaccine.” The very fact that this was presented as the only solution that would be able to deliver us was highly suspicious. Since when do you cure a new disease with some rushed vaccine? Why is a vaccine the first and only solution the media recommended? Why weren’t other options even being discussed? Why was it only “lockdowns and social distancing until we get the vaccine”? (when in actual fact, lockdowns and social distancing continued well after the vaccine – one of the many broken government promises). All these things caused us to highly suspect what was going on. It reeked of social conditioning.

Then there was the government eagerness. Whenever a government is too eager for you to do, or not do, anything, especially if it’s “for your own good”, you should be highly suspicious. Governments are seldom so eager for your good and well-being. If they’re highly eager for you to eat an orange a day, especially their oranges, you better take a good look at those oranges.

Plandemic and Other Videos

Videos that affected our thinking before the vaccines arrived were:

  • Plandemic. Plandemic was one of the first Covid exposé videos out there. It caught like wildfire and was quickly censored by big-tech. Immediately after Plandemic came videos refuting it, including videos made by Christians. We found these refutations too dismissive and unsatisfactory.
  • After that, videos by one independent journalist called Spiro Skouras were being sent to us and were making a lot of sense. He was one of the first people to expose the America-Wuhan cooperation, many months before it ever got to Fox news and became common knowledge.
  • Then we stumbled upon Dave Cullen and his Computing Forever channel, which really gave the broad picture of what was going on.
  • And after that, good old Hugo Talks, with his cockney accent. All of these helped us finally make up our minds on the subject before the vaccines ever arrived in Israel.

Everything that happened after the vaccination rollout only confirmed what we had suspected. The spike in deaths in January 2021, during the first vax campaign, was conveniently blamed on the new “British variant” and leveraged to scare more people into taking the shot – a tactic that was predicted beforehand by


If I had to summarise everything in a few sentences, it would be this:

  1. Big Pharma wants you to be a vaccine and medicine addict, and they will work their way into forcing you to take these treatments by law if they can. However,
  2. it’s better for you as a general rule to stay away from any medicines unless it’s completely necessary. You should always prefer to fight sickness off the natural and hard way, which in most cases is possible and safe. It builds your natural immunity.
  3. The ideal way to stay healthy is to keep a healthy lifestyle which includes physical activity, a healthy diet and good sleep, not pumping your body with drugs, vaccines and boosters for the rest of your life.

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  1. Great article! Praise the God who gives people like you brains and makes you such an independent minded critical thinker! May you serve as a guide to a much larger flock throughout Israel and among the nations on this subject

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