Liver Paste Recipe


  • 500 gr of chicken liver
  • 2½ hard boiled eggs
  • 2 small-medium sized onions (they don’t have to be finely cut) or one large sized onion
  • Optional: garlic, according to taste
  • Optional: parsley, according to taste


Start frying the onion (and garlic) in butter and a nice amount of olive oil, in a large frying pan. You can fry the them in olive oil only, but adding butter gives a nicer texture.

After your onion has fried for a few minutes and has become softer, add all the liver to the frying pan.

Make sure the liver gets “closed” (fried) from all sides as quick as possible. I use a long fork and a sharp knife to turn over liver pieces and make sure each part of the liver becomes brown. When necessary I cut a piece off and make sure it gets fried properly. This process takes a few minutes.

Add 1 small teaspoon of salt to the frying pan and some paprika (optional) for taste.

When the onion and liver are both nicely fried, leave on a lower fire for a while (around 15 minutes). Make sure the liver is properly done by the time you turn off the fire. You can do that by cutting a thicker piece of liver in the middle to see if it looks brown and properly cooked inside (not red).


Let the whole thing cool for a while, to avoid putting boiling ingredients in a blender with plastic parts.

Blend all the eggs, the parsley, the liver and the onions until you get a smooth paste. If needs be, stop the blender and turn around some ingredients to make sure it all gets blended properly. You can add a little bit of raw garlic to the blending if you like some “kick.” The parsley, however, doesn’t have to be finely blended. It adds to freshness.

That’s it!

It’s best to serve the liver paste cooled. It easily keeps for a few days.


  1. Roughly 1 eggs for each 200 gr of liver.
  2. Roughly 2 small-medium sized onions for 500 gr of liver. Too little onion makes the paste dry. Too much onion makes it runny. You can always fry more onion than needed and add gradually to the blender if the paste is too dry. The leftover fried onion is delicious with rice or potatoes.

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