Vaccine Injuries I Know Personally

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The list of people whom I know personally, or second degree acquaintances (close friends and relatives of people I know), who have been hurt by the Covid vaccines, is continually growing. This includes believers and non-believers. People who were once young and fit are probably damaged for life.

One healthy sports teacher, only my age, who got a stroke after the vaccine, could not see well out of one eye anymore as a result of the vaccine. Another believer’s eyesight was severely damaged in one eye too. This is common and probably permanent. He never had eye trouble before. Another believer has headaches, confusion, and a constant ring in the ear that doesn’t pass (Tinnitus). And one pastor got a heart attack after his third vaccination.

Another believer told me how someone who was working out in the gym every day was not seen for a while. They used to call him “the horse” because he was so fit and muscly. Only after some weeks my friend found him, barely walking, in the street. With a weak voice he explained he could barely go to work or do anything after the vaccine and is hardly recovering. Another hardworking man took the vaccine because his company required him to, but could hardly work anymore after it, and was subsequently fired by the same company. One elder told me that a strong energetic lady simply collapsed on the floor in the workplace, gasping for breath, having to be evacuated by ambulance, one week after vaccine. These sudden collapses have become especially common among footballers and athletes.

Another relative of a believer had half his body paralyzed and spent weeks in hospital, also after the vaccine. This is not to mention profuse bleeding of women in their 50s and 60s (update: another one in her 70s!), an increase in shingles (I know 2 vaccinated people who have suffered with shingles…update: 3), sudden deterioration in cancers and much more. All of this only from people I know personally or by second degree, and some are in our own congregation.

At least the vaccine prevents severe Covid? No. Four people I know got severe Covid, three of these almost died, one of them being young – all after vaccination. One vaccinated believer got infected and then infected another two people (apart from other things she suffered).

For balance I can say that I do know of two unvaccinated people who died from Covid: one was a loved believer, the other a nasty non-believer. As sad as their death is, it’s hardly the Bubonic Plague and it doesn’t justify the heavy handed policing and creeping dictatorships we’ve been experiencing globally. Please consult VAERS, Yellow Ticket and EudraVigilance reporting systems for updated numbers of Covid vaccine deaths (only remember the reported numbers are much, much lower than reality).

So brethren, please think twice before encouraging people to get vaccinated. This is one of the most dangerous vaccines ever. Your stand on this issue, or lack thereof, will be remembered, so make sure you’re on the right side of history.

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