Rhetoric Against Unvaxxed Israelis Stepped Up

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Recent quotes from Israeli Fake Stream Media.


Prime Minister Naftali Bennet, 22/07/21:

“I respect different opinions, but there is a limit when it comes to human life,” Bennett said in a televised speech. “We would like Israel to be an open and safe country. And for that to happen, every Israeli who is eligible to get inoculated, must do so.”

“The Israeli government is investing billions in order to supply vaccines all over the country,” Bennett continued. “And still, about a million Israelis simply refuse to get vaccinated. Anti-vaxxers are putting their health at risk, and the health of those around them. They risk the freedom of all Israelis, endangering our work, our children’s studies and our freedom to celebrate the upcoming holidays with family.


Prime Minister Naftali Bennet, 05/08/21:

“When you don’t get vaccinated, you’re endangering yourself, you’re endangering those around you, and it’s life-threatening,” he said, in particular in light of the ultra-contagious Delta variant, which has taken hold in Israel.

“It’s as if you’re walking around with a machine gun firing Delta variants at people,” he said.


Razi Barkai, one of Israel’s most prominent Radio presenters, 04/08/21:

“Good morning. A million unvaccinated. Not 3rd Jab – ok. Neither 1st not 2nd. They are responsible for the sicness. Ideological refusers. Just lazy. And wiseguys of “It won’t happen to me, or to my children”. They are like the violent drivers on the roads. There is no traffic light, no separation line on the road, no stop sign. And when PM Naftali Bennet says “you are irresponsible, go and get vaccinated” they flood the networks with conspiracy arguments, and organise protests in front of his house. All the tests, even the most conservative, point to effectiveness of over 90% approximately, and more than that – in the reduction of severe symptoms and need for respiration. Why do traffic offenders get tried, and vaccine offenders don’t? True, it’s a complex ethical question. But when standing against a virus that doesn’t give an account to anyone, we need to make drastic decisions. For now, what is being done? Collective punishment. General lockdown [is coming] any time now, both on the reckless, and also on the obedient among us.”



Prof. Dan Shiftan, University of Haifa, 10/08/21

Translated excerpts from “No Mercy for the Unvaccinated”, Israel Hayom, one of Israel’s main newspapers, 10 Aug 2021, by Prof. Dan Shiftan

[I’m blown away by the rhetoric. This is pre-war Germany. We’re compared to murderers and paedophiles from whom the public has a right to defend itself. Any difference in translation is due my doing my own translation from the Hebrew before discovering Israel Hayom had a translated version. You are invited to check for differences.]

…If you can’t convince them to behave like civilised people then … their identity needs to be exposed to enable the majority to defend themselves from their recklessness even after the pandemic is over… those who didn’t get vaccinated infect others drastically more than those who did vaccinate (probably 6.5 times more)

After all [special] exemptions are made, we need a decisive policy… Government and State workers, local municipalities and government companies, especially health care workers and education systems – they will have to get vaccinated or quit their jobs.

In public transport there will have to be a requirement to present proof of vaccination as a condition for travelling. … there is no reason that the public should pay for the hospitalisation of vaccine refusers … medical treatment – yes; public funding – no.

Apart from State initiatives, there is room for civillian initiatives. Non-public bodies can systematically collect information on the vaccinated and on vaccination refusers, and make it accessible to the public. … In this way, everyone can choose to avoid contact with vaccination refusers, to protect the life and health of those dear to them. Information on business owners who refuse vaccinations can help customers decide whether they want to visit their shop.

At the core of a democracy stands the right for each individual to form legal organisations in order to protect his basic needs. For this reason he gives his elected representatives authority to lawfully infringe upon the liberty of those who endanger the lives of the public and their well being: to imprison murderers, paedophiles and even agitators and fraudsters, to impose hospitalisation upon dangerous mentally ill people. He even gives them the authority to restrict freedom and infringe upon the privacy of his best sons and daughters, his beloved, by requiring from them years of compulsary army service.

A democracy is allowed to protect itself also from those who threaten public health or damage its economy, welfare and future. The right to infect and be infected is not within our human rights.



However, this is an interview with Dr. Rivka Carmi. When asked who is more infectious – the vaccinated or the unvaccinated:

“There are very clear data, that in the best case, there is no difference, in the ability to infect of the vaccinated vs. The unvaccinated, and in the worst case, the vaccinated infects more than the unvaccinated does. I cannot give details right now but whoever wants materials on this subject we have them.”

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