Messianic Injuries from Covid “Vaccines”

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Compiled by Michael Nissim

Last updated: 26th Jan 2022

The list of people whom I know personally, or second degree acquaintances (close friends and relatives of people I know), who have been hurt by the Covid vaccines, is continually growing. This includes many believers from the Messianic/Evangelical Christian congregations in Israel, believers abroad and non-believers. People who were once young and fit and are probably damaged for life.

Stroke and Eye Damage

  1. Young daughter of a lady from a Messianic congregation got a stroke after being vaccinated.
  2. A believer we know had a serious and sudden impairment in one eye (sees zigzag) after second vaccination. His doctors never mentioned any connection to the vaccine although this is a known side effect.
  3. One healthy sports teacher, about my age (40s), who got a stroke after the vaccine, got sudden and serious eyesight imprairment after vaccination. He said his doctor couldn’t find a connection with the vaccine but he doubts his doctor’s version.

Confusion, Tinnitus, Lack of Concentration, Speech Impairment, and Aneurysm

  1. The wife of a friend from Nahariya got an Aneurysm in the brain after her second shot. She almost died as a result of it. Her speech was noticeably impaired.
  2. A young Messianic mother (late 30s) experienced Tinnitus (constant ring in the ear), sudden perplexion (not knowing where she is on the street and taking a while to gather her wits) and moving headaches after vaccination. Her doctor sent her for checks in the hospital after which the doctors assessed it’s a type of epilepsia (although she never had falling fits).
    Tinnitus, headaches and confusion are among the side effects of the vaccine.
  3. A young Messianic suffers from Tinnitus after 2nd shot and decided not to continue getting vaccinated.
  4. A female soldier who serves alongside a believer suffers from continuous headaches that started after the vaccination and continue until now (January 2022), a few months later.
  5. One person testified to me, in the presence of his wife, that before getting vaccinated his wife nicknamed him a “walking telephone book” because he remembered the names and numbers of so many people. Since the vaccination he forgot many names, mixes up names, forgot numbers and generally feels confusion and lack of ability to concentrate.
  6. The mind of one member of an evangelical church in England “was very cloudy for a while after taking her first jab.” Experienced “Brain Fog”.

Heart Attack and Other Heart Conditions

  1. The teacher of a girl from a Messianic family in the north of Israel died at the age of 42 from Cardiac Arrest. We know she was vaccinated because her head-mistress boasted a 100% vaccinated staff.
  2. One pastor told me about a young Arab whom he loves very much who got engaged and planned to travel to the US. He got vaccinated against his will so that he could travel and subsequently got Pericarditis. This is a known side effect of the vaccination.
  3. One pastor of a Messianic congregation got a heart attack about a week after his third vaccination.
  4. One elder in a Messianic congregation told me that in his workplace one strong and energetic lady worker fell on the floor gasping for breath one week after getting vaccinated. She was immediately hauled off by the ambulance to the hospital.
  5. A young man in his 30s, an acquintance of a Messianic believer, is having Cardiac Arrhythmia (irregular heart beat) and panic attacks since getting vaccinated.
  6. The mother of one Messianic, in her 70s, needs to take heart medication since the vaccination due to Cardiac Arrhythmia.

Death After Vaccination

  1. The neighbour of Messianic relatives of mine felt bad after his third vaccination. He told his wife he feels he’s going to die and passed away the next day.
  2. The neighbour of a friend who lives close, in her 60s, was fairly healthy and walking about with her grandchildren. She passed away suddenly after vaccination.
  3. A neighbour of mine told me sadly “I don’t know what’s going on!”, because apart from her husband, who died recently (who was vaccinated and unhealthy), three of her friends have died and another one developed cancer, all aged 70 and 71. I asked and she confirmed they were all vaccinated (sudden appearance of cancers or sudden deterioration in cancer patients is a known side effect of the vaccination).
  4. A Messianic caregiver for the elderly in Galilee told her pastor that out of 24 elderly patients who are registered in their company, 6 died after vaccinations in a short space of time and as a result, 6 caregivers were waiting for a new patient.
  5. A Messianic relative of mine reports four deaths typical of vaccination:
    1. A Catholic lady he knows, about 40, died during her sleep after vaccination.
    2. His uncle, aged 79, but strong and healthy, fell right on his face while going to empty the trash and died the same evening. This was a few months after vaccination.
    3. A lady they knew personally, in her 70s, strong and healthy, died in her sleep after vaccination.
    4. A Messianic man of about 60 died during his sleep. They had to break into his home. There isn’t definite information that he got the vaccine but the assumption is he did, for several reasons.

Cancer – Sudden Appearance or Deterioration

A known man in Nahariya was regularly riding around with his bike and working in his workshop fixing bikes. Suddenly there appeared a death notice on his shop. He had deteriorated suddenly with a cancer that he had lived with for a long time. This happened shortly after vaccination.

Sudden appearance or deterioration in cancers is one of the side effects of the vaccine.

(This comes together with what Dr. Pinky Feinstein, the founder of “The People’s Committee” pointed out at the time: four parents in one school in Modi’in died within two weeks – all vaccinated. This is a very unreasonable number for one school in shuch a short space of time. Two of the parents apparently died of cancer, but again, one must take into account that one of the side effects of the vaccination is the sudden appearance or deterioration of cancers).

Neurology, Paralysis, Haematology

  1. The relative of a Messianic believer had half his body paralyzed after vaccination (most probably third vaccination) and was hospitalised for weeks. He was told he got Guillain-Barré, which is one of the side effects of the vaccination.
  2. A Messianic from a Kibbutz in the North of Israel knows two women in their 40s with paralysis after vaccination:
    1. After the 2nd shot paralysis started in the left hand, then the left side of the face. When the third shots were rolled out, she refused.
    2. Another lady lost control of her body following her third vaccine (booster). She collapsed and nearly died. She recovered after a few days and was left with half her face paralyzed for three months.
  3. A young single Messianic lady had the lower half of her body paralysed , together with other problems, all after vaccination, including strong pains that lead to a complicated surgery.
  4. An officer who serves alongside a Messianic in the Israel army couldn’t move his legs for a few days immediately after first booster jab (3rd vaccination), after which he limped and gradually returned to a state where he could walk.
  5. Another soldier working with this same Messianic believer experienced walking impairment after 1st booster jab and got to a state where he needed an operation.
  6. A neighbour and father of a girl in my daughter’s class told me he didn’t feel his hand during the night after the first vaccination, together with other similar problems with blood circulation. Thrombosis is a known side effect of the vaccine.
  7. A patient in the clinic belonging to a friend of mine cannot move one of his hands after vaccination (probably 2nd jab).
  8. The father of a Messianic believer in the North of Israel had bleeding and blood clots in his urine and then a urinary tract infection after the 1st booster shot.

Tiredness, Exhaustion and Extreme Exhaustion, General Damage, Loss of Ability to Work, Feeling Aged

  1. Someone who was working out every day in the gym where an Evangelical Christian friend of mine works out, was not seen for a while. They used to call this guy “the horse” because he was so fit and muscly. Only after some weeks my friend found him, barely walking, in the street. With a weak voice he explained he could barely go to work or do anything after the vaccine and is hardly recovering (probably 2nd shot). He can hardly go to work but tries to go about twice a week according to his ability.
  2. This same friend tells me there are many deaths among Arab youngsters from heart attacks and similar problems, but he encounters a reluctance to talk about it.
  3. The neighbour of an Evangelical Christian friend of mine works for a transit company here in the Galilee. After 2nd vaccination he stopped working due to extreme exhaustion, feeling pressure in the chest, and difficulty walking. He returned to work a few months later. My friend worried for his wellbeing and claims that although he’s only in his mid 40s, he looks much older now and walks bent over.
  4. A believer told me of one young man who was used to working hard for 12 hours at a time. He took the vaccine because his company required him to, but could hardly work anymore after it because of dizziness and weakness to the degree that he couldn’t get out of bed. He was subsequently fired by the same company.
  5. An elder in a Messianic congregation told me he took the vaccine because he was pressured to at work. They said he’s in a managerial position and should set an example. Since the vaccine he doesn’t feel the same. He feels more tired.
  6. One Rabbi of a synagogue in his 60s told me that after the 2nd vaccination he thought he was going to die. He called all his family to him and gave his wife all the passwords and credit card pin numbers, information on insurances and other important info. He didn’t die but since then he feels older by 10 years. His sugar was stable for 10 years prior to the vaccine but now it’s high and unstable and he cannot stabilise it nor return to his pre-vaccine health condition. He spoke with others who experienced the same effect. He feels the Ministry of Health is hiding information and not giving people a choice.
  7. A worker in an Arab restaurant here in Nahariya told me he regrets having taken the vaccine because he feels in his body that “nothing works the way it did beforehand.”
  8. A female worker in a clinic told me she has been feeling exhaustion for a long time after vaccination (probably 2nd shot) and regrets having being vaccinated.
  9. A Messianic believer felt increasing exhaustion after each shot. After the 1st booster (3rd shot) he was in bed for half a week and doesn’t wish to get vaccinated any more.

Infection, Illness and Severe Illness with Covid After Vaccination

  1. The parents of a neighbour got severly sick with Covid 1½ months after vaccination. One of them almost died.
  2. A lady in my parents-in-law’s church got sick for 11 weeks after vaccination.
  3. A lady in her 50s told me about her daughter who was hospitalised and almost died of Covid after vaccination (probably 2nd shot).
  4. A teacher in a Messianic congregation who has several children told me one of his children got Covid at school. The whole family got lightly infected except for the only vaccinated member who got it hard (2 shots). The doctor couldn’t explain why.
  5. A young, vaccinated Messianic lady got infected, then infected her two unvaccinated parents who recovered on their own (they said it was hard).
  6. One Rabbi of a synagogue told me his uncle got sick with Covid and died after his 1st booster shot (3rd shot). He says that despite what the Ministry of Health says, the vaccines are ineffective in preventing infection or severe illness.

Vaginal Bleeding and Menstrual Irregularities

  1. Three different women who are either Messianic or related to Messianic believers, got very strong vaginal bleeding. One in her 50s, the second in her 60s and the third in her 70s! Heavy vaginal bleedings are one of the side effects of the vaccine, including in pre-teenage girls.
  2. Two Messianic ladies, one is a mother and the other a single lady, had menstrual irregularities and hormonal problems and regretted getting the vaccine. These problems are among the side effects of the vaccine.

Shingles and Herpes Related Diseases

More than 4 different believers, one of them my mother, got shingles after vaccination. One of these ladies is young. According to researchers in Israel and abroad there is a sharp increase in Herpes related diseases, including shingles, in young and old people alike, after vaccination.


  • If you know me personally, please let me know of your experience, or better, if you live in Israel, please consider reporting your case to who are doing an excellent job documenting and classifying vaccine injuries in Israel.
  • Pastors who have promoted the vaccine or who implemented Green Pass in the their congregations must publicly repent.


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